Alex Misiti is the Founder and Lead Technical Writer at Medium Communications. Oh yeah, we almost forgot -- he's also an engineer. 

For eight years, Alex has served as an invaluable asset to clients in the oil and gas, renewable energy, manufacturing, construction, automation, specialty chemical, and software industries. During his time working as a freelance technical copywriter, he's made it his personal goal to eliminate the all-too-common disconnect between engineering teams and marcom departments by helping companies transform technical concepts into high-quality written content that decision-makers can understand. 

In addition to his writing skills, Alex possesses a unique ability to quickly grasp complex concepts (even ones that he's not familiar with). This eliminates many of the headaches that companies offering technical products and services often have to deal with when engaging with freelancers and vendors. He is also a highly skilled researcher and prides himself on being able to adapt to project needs by integrating seamlessly with internal marketing/communications teams. 

Email: amisiti@mdmcommunications.com

Phone: (716)-310-0036

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What you can expect when working with Alex (in his own words):

Reliability - When engaging with a freelance copywriter (or any outside agency for that matter), reliability is paramount. My goal when working with a client is to act as a natural extension of their existing team -- and that means responding to people as promptly as possible. I operate on the simple premise that it only takes one or two minutes to shoot off an email or pick up the phone. So regardless of what I may be doing, I'll make the time to answer your question and communicate just as you would expect an employee to.  

No Hand Holding -  Chances are that if you're working with a contract writer, you simply don't have the bandwidth or the skills to complete certain projects in-house. Having said that, it really doesn't make sense for you to bring in an external resource to help with your workload if he or she is constantly demanding time and effort throughout the writing process. You can be sure when working with me that this will not be an issue. 

Flexibility -  I believe that when engaging with a company, it should be my responsibility to conform to the way that they do business; not the other way around. So however it is your team prefers to operate, you can be sure that my presence won't interrupt it. 

Honesty - I provide a lump sum estimate at the start of every engagement, so that my clients have a very clear indication of what they will be paying before work commences. This sum includes the cost of any and all revisions that need to be made in order get the content/product in a state that you are happy with. 

Quality - To be put quite simply, I don't think you'll find a freelance writer who can deliver the same quality of work that I can, and I'd be happy to provide the writing samples to prove it. Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll send some over.